Welcome to The Watering Hole (The Comic Strip Launches!)

by James Turner

I've been hinting and offering teasers about it practically since day 1, but at long last the comic strip is here! We plan to publish every Thursday for the time being. You already know who I am. Randy Silverman is, in addition to being a friend, a talented comic book artist in his own right. I feel privileged to be able to work with Randy on this project, and hope you enjoy the quality of his artwork at least as much as the (alleged) humor of my words.

I am always amazed by artists, especially since i have little talent in that area. Some day, if I'm feeling masochistic, I'll upload some of the blocking sketches I gave to Randy at the start of the project. They're not a pretty sight... But the ability to say "in panel 3, I want Pearl standing in front of a computer with her hand on the mouse":, and have Randy turn it into a work of art, continually amazes me.

In any event, enjoy The Watering Hole!


Tuomo Stauffer
2007-10-24 15:11:02
Hi and thank you. It is hilarious as much as really real life, maybe that's it, life is more interesting than fiction ( said someone ). Maybe some day I can buy a book and have it all on paper, I hope, too lazy to print them out as good quality they should be printed. Well drawn ( very well actually ), they come alive, IMHO the personalities you draw are just right !! I return looking these very often and they never fail make me feel good. have a nice day - tuomo