We'll Be Back Soon...

by Todd Ogasawara

[Ok, for the humor impaired, the blog item has no technical merit. So, keep moving along.] On a whim, after getting through a bunch of email this evening, I decided to check in on the Apple Store and ran into the good ol' We'll be back soon yellow note. The last time this happened, the Intel-based MacBooks appeared without a lot of fanfare (though several rumor sites had correctly predicted its Tuesday arrival). This time, though, none of the rumor sites were predicting any new products until WWDC in August. In fact, even then, the rumor sites were cautious in predicting what may be announced (although some kind of hot rod tower MacPro is a slam dunk prediction).


2006-07-19 02:58:16
Seems to be a new MacBook Pro...
2006-07-19 04:58:22
I like to think I have a life ;-)
Looking forward to Intel towers though, ( hope they're quiet ! )
Roger Weeks
2006-07-19 10:38:23
Well, the store is back and nothing seems to have been added... I don't see anything new in the MacBook Pro line.
Roger Melly
2006-07-19 15:01:54
I suppose you get paid for writing such a captivaing article ?
Saint Fnordius
2006-07-20 06:23:54
I've seen this happen when the store goes through some sort of maintenance, with no real additions. Just cruft-cleaning. It does speak volumes about how we Apple aficionados tend to jump at the merest hiccup, though...