We're Looking for a Few Good...

by Derrick Story

Our Mac DevCenter readers really have a handle on their site. They know what they want published, and many of them step up to the plate to fill the gaps when they don't see subjects that they think should be there. If you haven't been following the site, you might want to take a look at the article I wrote summarizing the results of our first reader survey. It's really fascinating.

Along those same lines though, I don't think the Mac Dev community fully realizes yet that they have the same influence over our annual Mac OS X Conference that's approaching this coming October. In a sense, this event is Mac DevCenter in the flesh. It's the breathing to life of all those thoughts and actions that comprise the toolset we call the Mac platform.

I'm bringing this up now because we approaching the deadline for our Call for Participation. As I look over the submitted papers, I see a lot of great stuff that I can't wait to hear at the gathering in October.

But as the editor for Mac DevCenter, I also know there's a lot more that hasn't been submitted yet. I'm fielding your article ideas all the time, and I gotta tell you, a lot of those brainstorms would make terrific sessions at the conference.

So what do you say? Is sharing a little bit of your knowledge worth a conference pass (as in no charge!) and the opportunity to hang out with your peers this coming Fall? We'd sure like to hear from you.

The deadline for papers is Friday, May 16.


2003-05-07 10:22:27
Props to devcenter for being inclusive with regard to it's readership. If any site can develop an angry mob of a following it's certainly this one.