What a Great 24 Hours!

by Daniel Raffel

First, our buddy Surj became a Dad all over again! Surj, congrats to you and your family!

Second, I'm blushing because I was part of the small team at Yahoo! that just helped launch Pipes. I'm hopeful that some will find cool, new ways to power telephony apps using Pipes data. And, perhaps demo them at eTel!

Third, today was the first of a few mobile development classes I put together this month for my fellow employee's at Yahoo!. I had bloodshot eyes from being up all night with the Pipes team but it paidoff to be back in the office early because we had an awesome turnout. Michael Sharon gave a hour long presentation on the state of mobile followed by a full-day workshop in J2ME development. I have much respect for Michael being able to successfully lead a 8-hour workshop! Not to mention, the company he co-founded, Socialight, is looking better and better.

Thanks for letting me share a great 24 hours, now time for some rest.


Bruce Stewart
2007-02-09 07:40:08
Congratulations Daniel and Surj!

I'm looking forward to playing with Pipes, it looks like a fantastic idea. I'm almost as excited about it as Tim is.