What chapters can be cut from Prog C# 5e?

by Jesse Liberty

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I have not even started planning Programming C# 5th edition, nor do I know what will be in C# 3 (nor do I know if we'll wait for C# 3) but here are some questions for you all...

What would you think of my eliminating each of following chapters in the next edition either (a) because few C# programmers really deal with the issue or (b) to focus more on new developments in C# 3.

  • Assemblies and versioning

  • Attributes and Reflection

  • Marshaling and Remoting

  • Threads and Synchronization

  • Streams

  • COM

I think it would be hard to eliminate COM, there are too many COM controls and ActiveX controls out there, and C# is pretty good at working with them.

The Streams chapter seems essential, can't quite imagine cutting that.

On the other hand, aren't Threads and synchronization too esoteric (and/or superfluous) in the presence of overlapped I/O?

It seems to me that Marshaling and Remoting and Assemblies and Versioning are both extremely esoteric at this point, and could easily be cut (is that your experience?).

Attributes and Reflection could probably be cut down to a pair of notes (one on attributes, leaving out user-generated attributes) and the other on reflection (moved to the COM chapter).

I'd love to get your thoughts, either here (as a comment) or if you like, on my private (free!) discussion forum where I posted the same question.