What do you think:The Beginning of the End for Java Starts(Date.Time.NOW());?

by Steve Anglin

What do you think of this on Windows DevCenter: The Beginning of the End for Java Starts(Date.Time.NOW());?


2006-07-12 16:18:14
Notice the link from Peterson's blog...it's about how Richard Monson-Haefel is predicting the end of J2EE.

"Richard Monson-Haefel is the author of Enterprise JavaBeans, ... He is the lead architect of OpenEJB, an open source EJB container used in Apple Computer's ..."

2006-07-13 01:54:37
working on enterprise projects everyday, I welcome any move towards simplicity even if that means a language change.

2006-07-13 12:18:00
Yes, and Apple is about to go out of business, BSD is dead and the cheque is in the mail.

MS and its fan boys have been pronouncing the end of java for years since C# came out. Its not even close to happening.

And yes Richard does have an agenda...

2006-07-13 17:14:32
I think there is a lot of cool stuff out there for web development and it all needs improvement. .Net is still a little ahead of the curve on developing desktop applications for Windows, but isn't that to be expected? If you need a cross platform desktop application then Java is it. I've grown to only occationally use Perl for paragraph sized utility scripts... only because I've forgotten a lot of the shell scripting tricks to do the same things. It all has a place and purpose... I think it is ignorant to say that screwdrivers will disappear because allan wrenches are popular in modular furniture kits now. Believe it or not some furniture will always need something other than a tiny wrench to assemble. As the extremely wise and poorly translated instructions state: "For best fun assemble properly."
2006-07-14 11:50:37
There may be some truth in the words.

I love Java in all its glory but do not subscribe to the J2EE paradigm primarily because of its exceptional weight. As a developer and architect who has seen lots of big (and small) systems get built, I find the technologies that make up J2EE -- whether it be XML serialization, servlets, whatnot -- as key components of a solution.

But in using these tools, I generally find it more successful to divorce them from the beast of the appserver and EJB. Like all fads, the talk of "SOA being the key" is simply a focus on one key element we need to consider in our designs (messaging/data interchange), whereas a true solution must consider all aspects of a problem.

I agree that J2EE/EJB is short for this world, but I think the technologies within it will live long and work hard for practitioners who wield them lightly and intelligently.

Thanks for the soapbox -- Patrick

George Jempty
2006-07-15 13:23:17
Re: Richard Monson-Haefel's remark quoted in the InfoQ.com link:

wtf is "imcumbant"?

one answer to the above might, "imcumbant" is an indication that you can disregard everything, because whoever writes "imcumbant" is an idiot

Chris Kerns
2006-07-17 08:25:45
The only thing worse than people talking about the end of Java is people talking about people who are talking about the end of Java.

Java may eventually be "the new COBOL", but considering that I am still seeing new COBOL development in 2006, I'm not worried about running out of Java work any time soon.

2006-07-18 07:09:37
I think the goofy hat the quoted blogger is wearing is a nice (and appropriate) touch.
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