What I like most about Apple's new RSS Reader Support in Safari

by William Grosso

Related link: http://www.apple.com/macosx/tiger/safari.html

Today, at the WWDC, Apple announced RSS support for Safari.

Scripting News immediately noticed, as did NetNewsWire.
Scripting news even pointed to this Quicktime Video demoing features.

I like the "article length" slider (about halfway through the quicktime). You can slide it around to get different length summaries of the articles. I'm not sure how useful it is in practice (not being a mac person, and not having a copy of Safari with RSS reader in any case), but it sure looks interesting. And like a genuinely new feature (neither Bloglines nor FeedDemon have it).

Would you use an article length slider if your RSS reader had it?


2004-06-28 15:47:52
I agree with Brent and posted similarly on my own blog. So long as Apple sticks to relatively low-end features and leaves a lot of room "on the top," then I will remain grateful - not angry - with Apple for supporting RSS. It validates the technology as one that every Mac user should be aware of.
2004-06-28 16:14:13
summarizing feature
Hi there.
I think that the 'summarizing' feature is probably built on top of the existing 'Summarize' service available in 10.3. Basically, you highlight text in an application (might have to be a Cocoa app) and then choose 'Summarize' from the 'appName/Services' menu. An app then opens with your highlighted text in a window with a slider which allows you to select the granularity of the summary, either by sentence or paragraph.