What I'm thankful for

by Andy Lester

Here are a few of my favorite things. They make my life easier and more enjoyable, and I'm thankful they're there:

  • MTR - Matt's Traceroute
    is a beautiful combination of ping and traceroute that
    makes pinpointing network chokepoints a breeze.

  • Vim, my one true editor. Steve Oualline's
    book Vi
    IMproved (Vim)
    is chock full of instructive goodness.

  • The folks who contribute to HREF="http://search.cpan.org/dist/WWW-Mechanize/">WWW::Mechanize:
    All I do is shepherd the patches. Most of the real work is done by
    people sending me code.

  • CVS, without which I could
    never do any real work. It's more than just a way to keep
    source code. It's become a document distribution system for me.
    Essential CVS by
    Jennifer Vespermann is the best CVS book out now.

  • SourceForge, for being my CVS
    repository for public projects

  • Mac OS X, which has
    allowed me to have a solid Unix on my desktop, with a usable GUI with
    support for the applications I need.

  • Exposé,
    which is a godsend in desktop management.

  • RT,
    Jesse Vincent's great ticket-tracking system, and
    rt.cpan.org, the bug-tracking system
    for the CPAN.

And of course, I'm most thankful for my wife
Amy and daughter
and I'm thankful that my friend and Perl cohort
brian d foy
is back from
-- if only for a week --
alive and in one piece.

What are you thankful for?