What I've Learned After 20 Podcasts

by Derrick Story

I just finished reading Who's Paying for Podcasts and thought this would be a good time to share a few thoughts from my podcast experiences. I've posted more than 20 shows on The Digital Story, and have 11 reviews on iTMS. Listener feedback through comments on the site, email, and reviews has made this a worthwhile endeavor. But it also takes discipline. Here are a few things I've learned as a podcaster.


2006-03-06 13:11:16

it would be nice if you had a posting(s) that walked readers through the mis-steps with your audio set-up (as well as more details about the m-audio solution - eg any tweaking; eg is totally fixed, or could it accomodate mobile recording on-the-go? etc).

also, it would be very interesting for you to elaborate a bit more on the the traffic/advertising rev for people looking at the same sweet spot.

thanx: dlf

2006-03-07 09:44:46
I am one of your regular listeners. Because you are passionate about the topic, the content is good, and the delivery is professional but folksy, it has become one of the two podcasts I look forward to every week.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the experience.