What Leopard probably won't look like

by Giles Turnbull


The winners and runners-up of Phill Ryu's Fake Leopard Screenshot Contest have been announced, and what a wonderful collection of ideas and eyecandy they are.

Tabbed Finder? Pretty much an essential part of every mentioned entry. Merging Mail and Address Book? Another common idea, but with very different approaches. Completely abandoning the Desktop, Menu Bar and every semblance of a toolbar in Mail? Well, only one entrant thought of that. But hey, full marks for originality.

Winner Eric Patterson's entry boasts plenty of smart ideas for the next OS X. His re-invented Column View for Finder windows - in fact, his complete rethink of the Finder interface - is praise-worthy indeed. I particularly like his Finder Peek idea; a file previewer in the Finder that displays/plays/gives you a peek at pretty much any file on your disk.

I doubt very much that we'll see any of the ideas on show in this contest (except perhaps the tabbed Finder, but even that is by no means a given) when Leopard does emerge; but that won't stop me looking forward to the moment anyway.


Small Paul
2006-07-27 14:44:48
Didn't Apple advertise for a developer/engineer-type-person to re-work the Finder a few months back? If so, wouldn't that make it likely that Finder tweaks would be unlikely in Leopard cos they Just Haven't Had Enough Time?

Or was that advert a joke that I didn't realise was a joke?