What UNIX Variants Do You Expect to See in a Data Center?

by John Adams

Here's a set of questions of interest to very few:

What major proprietary UNIX variants would you expect to see in a medium-to-large data center? How many? Two? One? All of them? How many minor UNIX variants? How many open UNIX variants?

Should I leave the polls to someone who knows how next time?


2005-03-16 19:20:56
all of them?
In our rather modest datacenter you'll find HPUX as the main variant with Sun and Linux tied for second. Unknown to management are several 'black-box' FreeBSD instances (such as what comes with the F5 hardware), and buried way back in a real black box you'll find Linux OS/390. While not in our datacenter I did run across a 1990ish version of AT&T Unix a few months ago, still alive and kicking.
2005-03-17 06:50:14
solaris, freebsd, fedora. 3.
2005-03-17 06:54:05
the good ones
hope that helps.
2005-03-17 10:29:11
Solaris and Linux
In my experience, it's been Solaris Solaris Linux, and now increasingly Solaris Linux Linux. HP-UX or AIX shows up in some dusty corner, used by a particular department, but usually it' SUN as the heavy duty platform.

I dream of seeing Mac OS X in more data center's

2005-03-20 18:05:39
in my day-to-day experience
Stuff I work on, on a day to day basis..
AIX 4.1 to 5.2, several variants of Saolaris and at least two instances of DEC's UNIX.