What was the best conference swag you ever got?

by Justin Clarke

I find myself looking at swag I have collected from conferences recently - both swag my company has given away and swag collected from other conferences.... and I find myself asking - what is the coolest thing people have ever got as swag from a conference?

On my desk and in my computer bag I have the following:
  • Wind-up network cable with adapters for telephone use, from Bindview, Blackhat 2004 I think
  • 4 port USB hub (USB 1.1 not 2.0 unfortunately), my company, Blackhat 2004 I think
  • USB light, from Sophos, InfoSec 2005 in the UK
  • USB flash drives in various small sizes (32M, 64M), various (including my company), various conferences
  • Glowing pen (lame but amusing), my company, various conferences
Out of all of these, the USB light is probably the coolest, and the wind-up cable is probably the most useful.

What's in your bag that came from conferences?

From the comments so far you guys must go to better conferences than I do ;-)


2005-08-09 14:46:41
A fold-up computer toolkit from Compuserve
Not to shabby in the quality department, either.
2005-08-09 15:27:52
Duct Tape Wallet
Last year a booth at LinuxWorld was giving out duct tape wallets (http://www.ducti.com). That was probably the coolest swag I've landed yet.
2005-08-09 16:17:16
Chevy Avalanche
Not the real vehicle, but a remote-controlled one that I won last year at ISPCON.

So technically not swag... but they gave away a whole bunch of them.


2005-08-09 17:58:51
DESQview/X zeppelin
Quarterdeck gave away battery powered, cable controlled zeppelins (helium not included) promoting DESQview/X ('DOS to the power of X').
2005-08-09 18:45:09
My best was probably the lava lamp I just came back from OSCON '05 with. :-)
2005-08-11 13:57:11
Audio Swag
Project Bar-B-Q, the Texas computer music conference (www.projectbarbq.com), has given out some wild stuff over the years, including PVC marshmallow guns, a Dolby branding iron, and 24-bit sampling DVDs from Cycling ’74. (Disclaimer: I’m on the advisory board, but don’t make the swag decisions.) —David Battino
2005-08-12 16:58:46
I still use the corkscrew Codeweavers (WINE, get it?) gave away at LWE in ~2003.
2005-08-15 17:32:01
Nice tool
I got a Leatherman tool from Compaq at FOSE in DC a few years back. I almost rustled a half-lifesize inflatable Gateway cow, but my buddy wouldn't stand guard.