What was the most overused word in IT in 2007?

by Noah Gift

After hearing the word FUD used on an almost daily basis in blogs, newstories, idle banter, I "fear" with little "uncertainty" or "doubt", that it was perhaps the most overused word in IT in 2007. The word FUD is almost approaching the word "communism" in the McCarthy era. In fact, in a weird ironic twist, the use of the word FUD, is often FUD. Think about that one for a bit...

I submitted FUD to the Lake Superior State University banished words list. Does anyone else have a word they think should be banned?


2008-01-14 11:32:22
"Intuitive", with regard to programming language, and "utilize" everywhere.
2008-01-21 03:48:36
I want to ban the word "enterprise" in regards to software. Of course, if someone could come up with an acceptable definition of that word ...
Mark Gardner
2008-01-23 12:56:01
"Simply" and "basically". They're both verbal filler, and the speaker/writer is often in fact *not* simplifying anything for his or her audience.