What's hidden in MacJournal?

by Giles Turnbull

Related link: http://homepage.mac.com/dschimpf/

MacJournal is an old friend of mine, an app I sometimes don't use for months on end, but when I return to it, it feels comfortable and familiar.

The latest release, version 2.6, includes all sorts of updates and new features - you can now use MacJournal to post directly to Blogger or LiveJournal weblogs, if you like.

But there's more. Author Dan Schmipf has let it be known that there are some nifty hidden features that can be switched on with some simple Terminal bashing.

So if you want your MacJournal to have the brushed metal look (can't imagine why you would, but each to his own), or to revert to the simpler interface of version 2.1, or to transform :) into a smiley face, you can accomplish all this and more in the hidden preferences section.

Dan is working hard on updates. Reading between the lines on his weblog, the next version might include wiki-style links, nested journals, more formatting options for text, and if rumour is to be believed, a full-screen writing mode.

All of which pushes this wonderful little writing tool closer to being an all-encompassing word processor and notes manager, and much more than just a personal journal keeper.

Don't you just love it when an app has hidden stuffs?