What's new from WWDC

by Giles Turnbull

OK folks, today's top stories are a new Mac Pro replacing the PowerMac, and lots of preview nuggets from OS X 10.5.

First off, it's bye bye PowerMac, hello Mac Pro. It's a 64-bit computer with dual 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo "Woodcrest" processors, a 128-bit vector engine, 4MB shared L2 cache, two optical drives, Superdrive, gig'o'RAM, and roughly twice the speed of of its predecessor.

There's less cooling required in the box, which frees up space for more drives, up to a terabyte of storage if you need it. The outside of the case stays the same, but the interior is all new; you can insert drives by just clicking them into place, no tools necessary.

All this (and more, much more if you explore the build-to-order options) for $2499, shipping today.

There's also some new Xserves to play with, five times faster than before according to Apple, including dual Xeon chips and with room inside for an optional redundant power supply or plenty more storage. And $2999 for the basic spec machine.

Switching the entire Mac product line to Intel has taken just 210 days.


Erica Sadun
2006-08-07 11:35:26
Looks like you'll be able to play back vide over iChat too! I can't wait to play with Core Animation.
2006-08-07 12:22:53
Already placed my order for a Quad 3Ghz Mac Pro.

Yeah baby !!!

2006-08-07 12:59:04
I hope Core Animation is fun using for both users and developers -- just like Quartz Extreme, with a neat composer application and easy integration into the system!

And I noticed Apple did not say anything about changes in the Finder, but they mentioned some "top secret" features they wouldn't disclose yet, because of Microsoft. Now I'm very curious... :-)

2006-08-07 13:08:40
I'm hoping that some of the "secret" things are major changes to the finder.
2006-08-07 14:36:03
TARDIS: The Apple "Restore Digital Information System". :-)

Thanks, Giles, for using the acronym properly - ie, capitalised.
You see that so infrequently these days. :-( Sigh...

2006-08-07 22:42:36
2 Terabytes of interal storage (500MB + 500MB + 500MB + 500MB) on the Mac Pros, not 1.
Umberto Zappia
2006-09-22 02:05:37
Have you seen Core Animation? Now have a look at this link from Sun Looking Glass
Don't you see some similarities??