What's the Microsoft-Novell Interoperability Lab Going to Work On?

by Todd Ogasawara

Joint Interop. LabWay back on January 30 a simple blog item titled Now Hiring: Microsoft/Novell Interoperability Labs went up on Microsoft's Port 25 site. The positions available include: Microsoft: Software Design Engineer in Test, Linux Interoperability. Novell: Software Design Engineer in Test, Windows Interoperability. Microsoft: Program Manager, Linux Interoperability.

According to Microsoft's Sam Ramji, it drew a good number of comments and resumes. So, he's back blogging about it and describing the joint lab's major focuses: Virtualization, Directory and Identity, and Management.

Microsoft-Novell Interoperability Lab - Sneak Peek

If I can put in my two US cents (And, I can! So here goes)... I'd like to see both the Microsoft and Novell Joint Labs staff become integrated into the Proprietary-Open Source interoperability community at large. A joint blog and a community Wiki would be a nice start. I'd like to see more than bits and bytes entries in the Wiki. In my experience, the intersection of proprietary and Open Source technologies is often more about practices and procedures as much as it is about bit twiddling.

So, whether or not you agree with me, head over to the Port 25 site and provide your comments about the upcoming joint lab. No one told us we had a vote. But, no one told us we didn't have one either :-)