What's with the number 25?

by Mikkel Aaland

Maybe you noticed that regardless of what digital camera you use, as long as you shot RAW, the number 25 always appears by default in Lightroom 1.0's Develop Module's Detail pane Sharpening slider.


I'm aware that the topic of image sharpening makes many people hyperventilate and get really opinionated. It's important then to point out that Lightroom isn't applying a generic, all-in-one sharpening setting to every RAW file, even though it looks that way at first.


2007-04-19 16:14:50
Hey Mikkel, this is great to know - I must say I have wondered this myself, though never gone out of my way to figure it out.
2007-04-19 16:27:56
Thanks Scott. Good to see it was of interest to you.