Whats Wrong With EJB?

by Uche Ogbuji

Related link: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WhatsWrongWithEjb

In a recent client project we've had to do an assessment of EJB versus other technologies for a specific application. Not much new there, except that this time the primary alternative was RDF/OWL. Most of the resulting discussion was based on our own specific experience with EJB and Semantic tech, but I did stumble across this interesting Wiki. All over the place, as well-trod Wiki pages tend to be, but a thought-provoking read even so.


2005-04-12 12:34:04
*The* wiki
Uche, are you aware that you've "stumbled across" the Portland Pattern Repository, which is also (to my understanding) the original Wiki?
2005-04-12 23:53:09
*The* wiki
I wasn't aware of that, and thanks for pointing that out. Nice to stumble across a lesson from so direct a fount of history.