When 2 out of 4 bars doesn't mean 50%

by James Duncan Davidson

On my way out the door for my daily walk, I grabbed my trusty iPod so that I would have some tunes to listen to. I hadn't charged it in days, so I checked the battery and found that it had 2 out of 4 bars. Happy, I went on my walk. And then....

Not thirty minutes later did my iPod sputter out and go silent. Out of juice. Bummer. I spent the next couple of hours listening to traffic instead. Man, do you get spoiled having all that music on demand in your pocket. But really, I can't complain. I had used it quite a bit in the last few days and any amount of thought on my part would have shown that it was high time for a charge. I'm just glad that the fuel gage in my automobile is more accurate.

Lesson Learned: If you've got a really good battery in your device and you don't have to charge it every night, you won't.