When is your favorite 802.11 standard supposed to be ready? Check the 802.11 timeline for the schedule!

by Matthew Gast

Related link: http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/802/11/802.11_Timelines.htm

In addition to the main status page of 802.11 activities, I find the 802.11 timelines invaluable when answering questions about when certain standards revisions will be done.

In addition to being a great snapshot of the works in progress, you can tell how complex a standard is (either technically or politically) by looking at the number of drafts. 802.11j adapted the 802.11a PHY to the Japanese regulatory domain, and was relatively simple because the technology needed to conform to an external standard. Drafts only went up to version 1.6. In contrast, 802.11i (security) went to ten drafts, and 802.11e (QoS) went to thirteen. It will be interesting to see how some of the current standards shake out. In particular, I'm interested in how many drafts it takes to get the eventual 802.11n finished, since there has been so much activity before settling on an initial draft.


2005-10-10 17:17:09
Good find!

That's an excellent link! Thank you.