Where did Hewlett-Packard get the idea illegal spying was OK?

by Andy Oram

Now it's official--or at least one more step toward being official. California has indicted five former HP managers for trying to get private email and phone records of board members. Officially, of course, the indicted managers are innocent until proven guilty. And finding them guilty of law-breaking will be hard, because one has to interpret existing laws broadly to cover pretexting and other shuffling through electronic records. But the ethics--or lack thereof--displayed should make all of us who work in large organizations worry.


2006-10-05 18:41:45
The bottom line is that pre-texting (ie social engineering practices) needs more legal definition. And, I am certain it will get it now. Snooping is nothing new in the telecom world. Expect far bigger scandals than this in the future with more clear ramifications! On a small level, look at the brokering of consumer telecom data reselling that is ocurring right and left.