Where did the spam go?

by Eric M. Burke

Up until a few days ago, I routinely received 100-200 spams per day in my Yahoo Email account. A few days ago, the number seems to have dropped to around 10-15 per day. I thought it was a fluke, but so far their filters seem to be dramatically better.

Have any other Yahoo mail users seen this improvement?

Were the Yahoo mail spam filters upgraded last week?


2003-05-18 12:16:01
Spammer arrested
Some guy in Buffalo, NY was arrested for spamming. This may be part of the reason for the reduction.


2003-05-18 14:20:16
Not just Yahoo!
CmdrTaco of Slashdot fame(?) is also reporting a dramatic reduction in spam in his weblog.
2003-05-18 16:31:06
dont know about yahoo
but on my mailserver i installed a spam filter, and life has been good after that :)

I stopped using free web-based email services a while back. even if did not give my email address to anyone outside my family, i would get spam mails. it was almost as if these free email providers were selling my email address to the spammers. after all they are free and you cant blame them.


2003-05-19 11:44:12
me too
i thought it was just me. i use verizon DSL