Where Is My All You Can Eat GPRS Plan?

by Glenn Letham

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Paying by the KB for data services will restrict the uptake of some amazing applications and services, additionally, smartphone features will go un-used and powerful, new devices will sit on the shelves until a suitable option like “All you can eat GPRS” or perhaps a 100MB monthly data plan (sub $30 please!) comes to the market.

$241.10… that’s the number I read in bold on a recent Rogers Wireless bill, this for having the privilege of using my smart phone. No doubt you’ve been there before - You spend a few days in another country, make a couple of calls, moblog a few pictures from your phone and voila… prepare yourself for a shock when the bill arrives. I should know better, however, something inside me keeps saying, ”maybe it won’t happen again this month”… forget about that! So I have to ask, with all the great devices on the market and all the fantastic applications available to users, how is one supposed to use these mobile services and applications without getting hit so hard in the wallet?

For more including a UK comparisson and some advice see http://www.symbianone.com/content/view/2705//

Do you have any tricks for keeping your GPRS data charges to a minimum?


2006-01-09 21:43:53
I pay $15/mo extra for unlimited data with Sprint PCS (this is called the PCS Vision Service).
You can even use your cell as a modem for your laptop. I have a treo 650 and powerbook.. works like a charm.

Of course, it's 500ms latency, but at 256Kb/s, it's bearable. SSH is rough, but it has gotten me out of many jams.