Where's the Java payoff?

by Steve Anglin

Related link: http://news.com.com/2009-1001-866365.html

According to CNet News.com: "The goal: Sun looks for payoff to Java addiction." This is an interesting package; however, I disagree with it.

1. If you talk to Sun's vice presidents of Java and XML software, Richard Green, he'll tell you that Sun would rather be though of as the Java evangelist for the BEAs and IBMs.

2. As further evidence, Sun's iPlanet Java product division has been axed (officially or unofficially).

3. Sun's J2EE vendors like BEA and IBM probably don't want Sun competing in the same space for market share.

4. Sun does indeed collect revenue from Java through its J2EE vendor licenses and the JCP (Java Community Process) membership dues.

5. It's in Sun's best interest to see that Java software does well, especially J2EE, as a way to sell its Solaris OS software and its hardware servers.

Look for JavaOne coverage from ONJava.com later today and all this week, from Sue Spielman and myself.

What do you think of this?