Which XML technologies are beautiful?

by Michael Day

XML is everywhere, and XML technologies are proliferating across all spheres of IT. Naturally, some XML technologies are more successful than others. However, which XML technologies are beautiful?


M. David Peterson
2007-04-10 14:42:03
Nice write-up, Michael!

re: "To my knowledge, iPods do not support Ogg Vorbis, an open audio format considered to be superior quality to MP3."

You most certainly are correct! I look forward to the day that the hardware and software manufacturers wake up to the fact that Ogg Vorbis is such a fantastic, patent and royalty free alternative that in *MANY* ways is *FAR* superior to anything else out there. For those with interest (Micheal, you are obviously aware of this) please see: http://www.xiph.org/

Michael Day
2007-04-17 18:00:19
While on the subject of portable audio players, it's also worth pointing out that a DRM-encumbered format or hardware platform must be less beautiful than an open format or hardware platform, as DRM adds complexity to the implementation and reduces power for the user (in some cases literally reducing battery power! :)

Back to XML, I really should have linked to James Clark's paper, The Design of RELAX NG, which demonstrates not only how beautiful RELAX NG is, but how it came to be that way.