Whidbey XML Tools Preview

by Brian Jepson

Ken Levy's got VS.NET 2003 up with an add-in (replacement) XML editor, that apparently only people like Ken get to play with, but I guess will come out with Whidbey. You'll get:

  • red and squiggly under invalid XML
  • task list that explains what's wrong with the XML
  • comment/uncomment
  • an editor that has smarts about DTDs (IntelliSense completion)

He opened up an SVG file, and it rendered it(?!) until he hit view code. That's pretty wild. Then he split the pane into a view code and render view;
even wilder, it re-renders as he edits the SVG file.

It's got really nice XSLT debugging--you can step through the XSLT while it's running.

He says that they can compile XSLT into MSIL., too

It will also generate schemas from an XML document.

Plans for Whidbey:

  • Custom designer architecture
  • Outlining support in XML editor
  • XML editor control for Windows Forms
  • Editor for debugging XML datatypes

They might post this for free as a VS.NET add-in in a few months. He says to keep an eye on http://gotdotnet.com/team/xmltools.

Pretty cool--it might even get me to use Visual Studio .NET once in a while :-)