Whither MacWorld?

by Jason Deraleau

Related link: http://www.macworldexpo.com

Last year, IDG announced that they had made arrangements to move the Macworld Expo to Boston, MA starting in 2004. Some of us might remember that Macworld used to be in Boston many years ago. The east coast's largest tech expo then moved to the Jacob Javits center in New York City. After IDG chose to have the expo return to Boston, Apple issued some statements about not wanting to go to Boston, and that they'd have to re-evaluate the following year's Macworld Expo at the Javits Center.

Of course last year's following year is this year. We're now going into the third month of 2003 and I'm still not sure if there's going to be a Macworld Expo in New York this year. The Expo's website (link above) shows the dates July 14-18, but the registration pages still show information for the San Francisco show. The original fuss about Apple's refusal to go to Boston was all over Mac rumor and news sites for almost a month, but the noise died down and now I'm left with that one big question: Will there be a Macworld Expo in New York this year?

I certainly hope so. Last year was the first time I'd attended such an expo and I was quite impressed. I paid for the Users Conference and attended the keynote; getting swept up in that (in)famous Jobs reality distortion field. I clapped loudly to the announcement of Jaguar and other great products (iCal, iSync, 17" iMac). I attended various seminars given by Apple employees and Macintosh experts. I chuckled as David Pogue sang show tune parodies and described the next decade of Macintosh computers.

Perhaps the thing I enjoyed most, however, wasn't all the whiz bang of the major presentations and classes, but just being amongst a group of people who share that one passion: the Macintosh. I'm still fairly new to this platform. I've less than two years under my Mac belt. The thing that will keeps me from switching back is the great community that has built up around this one company and its computers. People who are generally approachable, helpful, and work to educate the non-believers in what Apple is all about. A community that has thousands of developers creating neat little programs to help bolster the platform, like Konfabulator. A community that sticks together and keeps things pleasant. Such a thing just doesn't exist for the Windows platform.

I'm certainly hoping that I have another opportunity to attend a Macworld Expo. I look forward to meeting new people, making new friends, and seeing my peers enjoy themselves. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

Have any news on July's Macworld Expo? How about any good Macworld stories?