Who created the camera phone?

by Todd Ogasawara

I received an interesting question that I'd like to know the answer to myself: Who (person and company) invented/created the first camera phone?
The question in my inbox read:

I've been searching for the answer to "Who at SHARP/J-Phone(Vodaphone) is credited for the invention of the Camera Phone?"

I can't seem to find any information outside of the first phone, J-SH04, from SHARP in 2000.

Do you know who it was, or know anyone who may be able to answer this puzzling question?

I did a little research using Google but didn't turn up anything.
So, does anyone have the definitive answer (and evidence to back it) to this question?

Post other camera phone milestones and interesting trivia here! :-)


2005-07-18 07:35:52
Check out Phillipe Kahn, CEO of Starfish, which apparently is now http://www.intellisync.com/

He was promoting this new business, about a year after he left Borland, and years before the big name cell phone manufacturers jumped in.

Abbie Holder
2006-03-07 12:30:45
2006-05-13 04:57:06
Philippe Kahn Invented the Camera Phone in 1997, check Wikipedia and other sources.