Who Needs Aperture, Photoshop for Raw File Conversion?

by Derrick Story

Preview App

Convert a Raw file to Tiff or Photoshop formats in seconds? Yes! Lighten the picture, add sharpening, and increase saturation? No problem. Maybe you want to take your Raw file, save it to PDF, then encrypt it so it's protected from prying eyes. You bet.

Do you need a high-end image editor, such as Camera Raw to perform this magic? Hardly. Tiger users have a powerful tool right there in the Applications folder that can execute these tasks in less time than it takes to launch Photoshop. The magic software is the often-overlooked Preview app.

You can discover all of Preview's image editing power in the post titled The Simplest of All RAW Converters. Preview does a lot more than open PDFs...


2006-05-24 12:55:57
All I want is to be able to resize an image. I realize there are scripts using Image Events that can do this, but I don't see why it can't be part of Preview.
2006-05-24 14:31:18
Do you get the encrypted detail stored in proprietary RAW formats, such as the white balance info in Nikon's RAW format?

Works well for consumers of digital snappies, though I would like to know about professional usage.

2006-05-25 10:15:08
I wish Apple would incorporate support for Pentax Raw files. Really bums me out that they've ignored Pentax for so long.