Who Uses Java Card? Smart Cards?

by Steve Anglin

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Who uses Java Card? Apparently, American Express uses it in its smart card products, including the American Express Blue card.

Blue is a smart card enabled with the secure, cross-platform, object-oriented Java Card API and technology. Blue contains an actual on-card processing chip, allowing for enhanceable and multiple functionality within a single card. Applets that comply with the Java Card API specification can run on any third-party vendor card that provides the necessary Java Card Application Environment (JCAE). Not only can multiple applet programs run on a single card, but new applets and functionality can be added after the card is issued to the customer.

So, for those who think Java Card and smart card technology is far away from practical and only used overseas in Europe, think again. With American Express, other financial institutions such as banks, insurance cards (health, auto, life, etc.), brokerages and more are sure to follow.

Who uses Java Card?