Who Wants to Be a Mac-ionaire?

by Chris Adamson

For your Friday entertainment, here's a little Mac trivia quiz, brought to you in high-definition JavaScript.


The Gibbon
2006-09-08 13:08:40
Well, I had to do an internet search for questions 11 13 and the last one, but still not a single wrong answer!


Chris Adamson
2006-09-08 13:10:36
Well, I had to do an internet search for questions 11 13 and the last one, but still not a single wrong answer!

Consider those your "lifelines", then! :-)

2006-09-08 13:19:16
Fun quiz, but it would be cool when you finish if something like Super Mario Bros. fireworks happened ;)
2006-09-08 13:23:56
your first question is wrong. The 4 button mighty mouse is now the only apple mouse you can buy, and any 2 button mouse is supported (ctrl-click for right mouse button) out-of-the-box.
Chris Adamson
2006-09-08 13:30:40
your first question is wrong.

The beta testers brought this up too. That's why I changed the phrasing to "enabled by default". You have to go out of your way to turn on the right-click on the Mighty Mouse. Also, the first question is never a trick question; there's no value in over-analyzing it.

2006-09-08 13:37:46
Great quiz.

I had the machine replaced by teh Centris 650, so I knew that one (I knew that purchase would pay off eventually). The $500,000 is a good question, I don't know how I knew that one. And I had to use a LifeLine for the last, but I limited myself to only one Google search and then to only one link from the results. Got it. :-)

Chris Adamson
2006-09-08 13:40:43
The $500,000 is a good question, I don't know how I knew that one.

Maybe you remembered that the G3's much-mentioned development name was "Arthur"? :-)

2006-09-08 14:30:03
The Centris 650 was not PowerPC-based.
Chris Adamson
2006-09-08 14:45:18
The Centris 650 was not PowerPC-based

Oops, you're right, it was a 68040. I'll fix that soon. Kind of immaterial to the question, but still...

2006-09-08 15:28:26
Thanks, this is fun!
Just one little critic: an iPod question should not be in a "Mac quiz"!!!
2006-09-09 00:51:20
While you are correct that the Mighty Mouse does not come with the right-click enabled, you are still wrong about the first question -- 3 buttons *are* enabled by default -- primary click (left and right are the same), the scroll-wheel click (by default, it is set to open Dashboard), and the squeeze click (by default, set to activate Exposé). I just set up 20 new Macs, so I have recent experience. :)
2006-09-10 05:40:19
I got to the 50,000 question until I got a wrong answer.....
Man, they should really have a mac-ionaire game! I'm satisfied with 25,000!
Jamie Harris
2006-09-10 09:19:52
This is so shit it hurts.
2006-09-11 09:10:12
I blew the first one (two buttons instead of one) then the CEO question about Fred Anderson but got every other one right - even the extremely obscure last question.
2006-09-11 09:11:04
You might want to fix the $500 question. Look at the the spelling of MOROROLA in the first answer.

(Mororola 68000)

2006-09-11 09:14:10
The last question is wrong. The Centris was never PowerPC based. It was 68040
2006-09-11 09:17:33
OK, I failed on the iPod question. Thought this was a Mac quiz...
John Cleary
2006-09-11 09:39:10
Hey there, You may want to change the $50,000 question. It's misleading. The Centris 650 was not a PowerPC, as any true Mac-ionaire would know. ;) It was, of course, an 040. (see: http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/mac_centris/stats/mac_centris_650.html)

A better question would have been: What model suffix, normally used to designate the use of the 030 Processor, was deemed inappropriate for the SE/30? A) vi B) x C) i or D) 3


2006-09-11 09:47:26
The $100 answer is 3... this is a joke!
2006-09-11 09:47:30
There were only three I had absolutely no idea on: the music festival, the obsoleted Mac, and the non-CEO. Guess those are my lifelines.

I did positively know the answer to the final question, though-- I even own the DVD of it, heh...

2006-09-11 10:37:27
the $1,000,000 one was easy for me :)
I'm a big fan of Shinkai Makoto who made the Hoshi no koe, or Voices of a star... alone on his G4 (it was a 400mhz one). Hoshi no koe is also one of my favourite films... (btw, his first work was done on a PM7300, and one of the choices for the quiz include his latest work :)
2006-09-11 10:58:41
Boo, only made it to the $25,000 question :(
Tom Fall
2006-09-11 11:08:17
Not a single wrong answer, no googling either!!!
ernie gregg
2006-09-11 11:15:21
$500 question - Mororola 68000 typo.
Ed Corner
2006-09-11 12:44:10
The first question is WRONG.

The Mighty mouse is the standard mouse that comes with all current Apple desktops. You cannot even buy a single buttoned Apple mouse any more. I'm not sure if the right click is enabled by default, but the centre button and side buttons are, so either 3 or 4 is correct.

You idiot.

2006-09-11 14:27:41
dang everybody is coming up with something and now i wonder what's next....icar...icell..ikaraoke??..ioven


2006-09-11 21:56:00
Ditch the game question... nobody plays games on Macs... how lame...
Eric Blair
2006-09-11 22:08:48
Fred Anderson was interim CEO for a brief while between the time Amelio was let go and Jobs was given the interim CEO title.
Boris the Finkasaurus
2006-09-12 07:43:07
"Ditch the game question... nobody plays games on Macs... how lame..."
Boris the Finkasaurus
2006-09-12 07:49:42
"Ditch the game question... nobody plays games on Macs... how lame..."
I forgot who posted that... Mooman? Cowlice? SueMeJack? BlowMice?
I beg to differ... Call of Duty 2 will even kick an AMD 64 X2 to the curb.
I hate when gamers don't even try... I bet you still play Tomb Raider.
Grow up and learn some more about Mac gaming... hint: ASPYR
Gary Darr
2006-09-15 06:50:41
A fun diversion. For some of the earlier comments ... the original Mac mouse only had 1 button. The system software was version 1.2 and the first stable system software was 3.2. Games were MacAttack, Dark Castle and Shufflepuck. Processor speed was 4.77mhz, floppy drive was 3.5" (400k) and if you were rich you could purchase a 5 megabyte hard disk. Mac Plus was the first machine with a SCSI port. The original macs came with Apple plotters and the ImageWriter was the Dot Matrix printer of the Mac Plus days.

William Bloom
2007-01-22 20:52:14
I have ended up with a centris 650 8/230 in good working condition. It has with it some upgrade documentation describing circuit changes to improve the speed. I cannot tell if this was done or not, but it seems to work pretty good. There is also a display, keyboard, mice, an extrernal scsi cd drive.
a modem, microphone and assorted misc cables, not to mention original packaging boxes. Also software plus additional disks with more. With it is the original bill of sale for well over $2000 in 1993. I am a PC kind of guy and am not MAC savy at all. What is all this stuff worth to a mac affectionado?