Why CORBA still beats SOAP

by Uche Ogbuji

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Jonathan Bartlett has a spot-on rant on why CORBA is still superior to SOAP. I think a lot of people know this, but fear to say it. Duncan Grisby, the lead developerof the superlative omniORB came to the tenth International Python Conference (IPC10) and was on a Web services panel. I think he came expecting to have to defend CORBA's honor and was surprised when just about all the panelists agreed with him that CORBA is better than SOAP in practice.

Just remember: the hype is to be perused, not used (sorry Snoop Dogg)


2003-02-13 07:36:05
thank you
I was thinking about daring to say this aloud last week in conversation but was afraid to be attacked as a heretic, nice to know I can point to some authority - despite the logical fallacies of argument from authority it is often the only argument anyone will accept.
2003-02-20 00:46:17
your are wrong to compare

I read a lot of your writing, and for the most part you get it right.

But come on, comparing soap to corba. Get a life. One is a huge array of specs, the other about 20 pages. Both have completely different reasons to exist. You should not compare them.

2003-02-21 12:29:13
your are wrong to compare
I'm glad you enjoy most of my writing.

I would have expected that it would be clear that wen I say "SOAP", I mean SOAP-based eb services in general. Maybe because I've become used to lumping XSLT, XPath, RELAX NG, SAX, and the many vocabs I use a lot under the general banner of "XML", doing the same for "SOAP" makes sense to me. And after all, to be fair, CORBA does not really include the CORBA Object Services, which eople usually lump in when they talk about "CORBA".

Anyway, I'm sure that once I've clarified the above, you'll see that the body of SOAP-related specs is just as voluminous as that which makes up the OMG OMA.

Wy do you think both have completely ifferent reasons to exist? I suspect you have the hint of a very interesting point there, but you declined to share. Please do share.

Personally, I see them as mostly overlapping in intent, and thus believe that comparison is fair game.