Why M. David Peterson is WRONG

by Ric Johnson

My fellow blogger, M. David Peterson posted a very informative blog in relation to Jeff Atwood's rant on XML. It is a great article, and quite a treat from Mark's usual concise style. I have deep respect for Mark's technical skills and he has some very valid points about the true nature of XML. If anyone has seen the ups and downs of semantic tags, it is M. There is no specific piece that I can pick apart. Unfortunately, it is also wrong. Dead wrong.


M. David Peterson
2008-07-03 13:24:28
Nicely stated, Ric! Of course my entire (unspecified) reason for writing that post was to try to bring some sanity back into the conversation as opposed to what happened last go round where everyone -- including me -- pounced on Jeff for expressing his opinion on a subject he knew would draw in more eyeballs. I both know and like Jeff, and I certainly can't blame a guy for attempting to stir up the pot, regardless of whether it was driven by financial incentive or not. If stirring the pot -- something I am most certainly guilty of myself -- generates meaningful and constructive conversation as a result then, just as you, I'm all for it.

So yeah, I guess I was wrong. But for right reasons. Or was I right for the wrong reasons? Ack! I can never get those two right! (or is it wrong ;-))

Good to have you writing again. Where'd you go? You seemed to have disappeared for a few weeks.

Rick Jelliffe
2008-07-06 06:17:16
"Not telling the whole truth" is not the same as lying...

One thing I have learned recently is how many otherwise ultra-rational people can have sore points where they become completely irrational and fixated. Sometimes the *only* way you can make your point is by tortuously avoiding these kneejerk (or at least minefield) issues.

That being said, 10,000 developers whinging doesn't equal 1 developer actually coding a new solution.