Why the JCP is better than Open Source.

by Timothy Appnel

Related link: http://servlet.java.sun.com/javaone/sf2003/conf/sessions/display-3294.en.jsp

Andrew Oliver writes: This session displays Sun's cynical view perfectly. He continues, the outcome is stated in the topic! [link via Sam Ruby]

What are your thoughts on the JCP and Open Source?


2003-05-08 11:10:27
putting all your eggheads in one basket
Apparently, Sun is actively targeting open source software in its messages. First it was that standards are more important than open source, now it's specifically JCP is better than open source. Hmm...

My apologies to the open source community if this FUD is in any way a result of my own behavior. For the record, I went to Sun first and my offer to work with them still stands. The catch seemed to be that I wasn't interested in Solaris or Sparc...

I agree that standards are more important than any software, but not all standards are created equal. Don't take my word for it, but not everything from Sun, Java, or the managed Java community has been such a stellar notion. Independent open standards like http and xml are vastly more important than anything that has or will come out of the JCP.

Don't get me wrong, I think the JCP is great. However I also think it's restrictive, particularly in Sun's hands. The JCP can spearhead herd-mentality development, which is essential for large-scale standards projects with clear goals but is an Achilles heel in dealing with the multiverse of software considerations in the same industry as well-financed design-stealers like Microsoft.

I contend the JCP works best when it leads to open source implementations, something only recently accomodated. The JCP refines and cements good ideas, but it's still individuals that generate them. The froth Sun used to be hailing is best generated in an environment of freedom. Bureacratic methods that lead to endorsement and induced inertia can't compare to open source and the internet on that front. Saying JCP is better than open source is like saying Congress is better than the telephone.

It's a crying shame Sun insists on spurning what it could just as easily embrace. Where's the love?

2003-05-08 15:25:51
Better THAN Open Source
You should be able to spell "than" since it's in the topic of the article you're writing about!
2003-05-08 16:34:17
Better Identified THAN Anonymous.
You should be able to identify yourself if you are going to correct someone. ;)

2003-05-09 11:49:38
putting all your eggheads in one basket
My thoughts:


2003-05-10 15:35:37
fear, uncertainty, doubt
Even as we don't agree on everything, we seen to represent exactly what Sun is trying to stamp out. That response about the bankruptcy of fighting FUD with FUD hit home, so I have to say...

I like Sun. I've always admired McNealy. I don't think Sun ONE is bad at all (even though I took issue with pricing and availability). I think J2EE represents the beginning of one of the most significant revolutions in software design paradigm. I love Java and want it to move forward. I think the JCP is a great vehicle for doing so.

I'm a Sun shareholder for chrissake. This isn't FUD. I don't want them to fail, I just want them to behave better.

Call me a revisionary idiot (many do), but given the current landscape I think it's *crucial* for people to do things off-track with Java. I think the current Sun is playing a heavy hand where it could be encouraging with a lot less effort or acrimony. As an open source developer, I don't need money or publicity. I don't want access to smoke-filled rooms, iForce channel partners, or customer mailing lists. And I definitely don't want a deep discount on SunFire boxes.

I want coexistence and perhaps even synergy. It's not impossible or even difficult. Consider the outcome if David and Goliath were on the same side.

The bit that says it all to me:

LM: Do you think it's important to have a certified Open Source J2EE implementation?

SM: I don't know what that means.

2003-05-19 09:21:29
fear, uncertainty, doubt
Its one thing to spread FDU its quite another to spread FDU about JCP being better than OpenSourc ewith ther OpenSource Proejct contributors that SUn invited to the JCP as members of the JCP to debunk this FUD from SUn in the first place!

SUn does know better than to do such a bd PR and Marketing step and they do knwo how to behave better.. Its a matter of they think they do not have to.. however the price of intel machines compared to SUN machines indicates that belief is a fallacy

2003-05-22 14:51:37
update and thanks


2003-05-27 15:53:49
They're at it again...