Widgets Come To Windows

by Preston Gralla

Good news for those who suffer from Mac-envy because they wish that the Windows had the kind of widgets that come with Mac OS X --- widgets are coming not only to Vista, but the Windows XP as well.

Widgets are neat little utilities that sit on your desktop and do all kinds of cool things --- update a weather report, gather RSS feeds, report on your Internet connection in real time, and so on.

Microsoft recently made the surprising announcement that "gadgets" -- the Windows equivalent of widgets -- will be brought to XP some time after Vista ships.

Good for Microsoft. One would have expected that they'd keep gadgets only on Vista, to force people to upgrade. The fact that they're bringing gadgets to XP, along with Internet Explorer 7, means that they won't be abandoning the current version of Windows. In fact, the company has also announced that at some point there will be an SP-3.

By the way, you don't have to wait for Vista if you want gadgets. You can get them right now. Konfabulator, owned by Yahoo, makes gadgets available for free. Give them a try and let me know what you think.

Are you looking forward to gadgets...and have you tried Konfabulator?


2005-10-13 22:38:55
Konfabulator is great! I have these widgets running on my desktop: Calendar, LadyBug, simpleCal, systemBlox. However, the sidebar addition of Google Desktop did take off some of my other Konfabulator widgets, mainly analog clock and system monitor.