WiFi, Rendezvous-Enabled iPods -or- Now I'm getting an iPod

by Steve Mallett

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I may be the one Mac owner without an iPod, but that's about to change. So far I've always viewed the device as looking good, and having wicked good storage, but now thanks to some enterprising Romanians who've hacked it into a Rendezvous-enabled, wireless device... I'm in!

... a small two-man smartphone software company based in Bucharest. Best known for its Symbian Series 60 software, Simeda recently introduced a small piece of file discovery software for wireless Pocket PCs which implemented Apple's Rendezvous service. Now they've gone a step further, and begun to make the iPod truly social.

In a bundle that hooks a Pocket PC up to an iPod - with the iPod as a USB slave device - the entire contents of the yuppy's music hoard can now be shared with the rest of the world: via streaming or file transfer.

Mmmmmm. File transfer.

I'm not thrilled that it takes a PocketPC to make this work, but what a conversation piece!


2004-07-13 10:02:21
Mac users
You're not the only Mac user without an iPod (I'm one), but you might very well become the only Mac user with a PocketPC! ;)