Wifi Wiki Hifi, part 3: The Bass-Station

by Gordon Mohr

Related link: http://www.bass-station.net/

Someone's gone ahead and built the shared, collaborative music space I've previously called a "Wifi Wiki Hifi" -- and they've built it into a 1980's boombox (also sometimes affectionately referred to as a "ghetto-blaster").

The Bass-Station puts a Wifi-enabled server machine with music sharing and community-driven playback software inside a portable stereo.

More info is available at this Bass-Station project directory.

Do you ever ask the guy playing the music too loud on the bus or train to turn it down?


2004-07-20 14:45:54
Slim Devices
Wifi Wiki Hifi...

Interesting concept, this Bass-Station. Have you seen the Slim Devices offering? It's open source software sitting on top of a pretty cool piece of hardware.