Wiki Wiki taken out of service (the airport shuttle, not the software :-)

by Todd Ogasawara

The headline of my morning paper reports that the Honolulu Airport Wiki Wiki shuttle which inspired the name Ward Cunningham gave to the Wiki web concept and software has been shut down (at least temporarily) at the Honolulu Airport.
But, hmm, actually, the newer air conditioned buses are out and the old open air models (which Mr. C may have seen way back when...) are back in.
So, perhaps, it is hello to an old friend :-).

Honolulu Advertiser: Airport shuts down Wiki Wiki shuttles

Honolulu International Airport has grounded its fleet of electric Wiki Wiki shuttle buses, citing maintenance and reliability problems, officials said.

The buses, which transport thousands of passengers each day between terminals and from arrival gates to the baggage claim area, have been temporarily replaced with older open-air diesel buses and trams.

So, if you are heading to the Honolulu Airport, no air conditioned buses for you for the time being.
Fortunately, the weather is starting to cool in Honolulu, so it won't be too uncomfortable riding in an open air tram.

Got Wiki Wiki? :-)