WikiNotes: a new Mac desktop wiki

by Robert Daeley

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WikiNotes 1.0 is a new open-source personal desktop wiki -- basically, a text editor with interlinking abilities, in the vein of VoodooPad.

The following was written within WikiNotes during a brief test. Documents are saved as .wiki files. There is a writing area on the left with a sidebar list on the right that can either be a list of pages or a history. I rather like the simple arrangement.

Here we are using WikiNotes. I am wondering how this will compare to VoodooPad. Can you do links with [[brackets]]? Not apparently. But you can do arbitrary links using a link button in the toolbar or from a menu item. No keyboard command for it, but that's pretty easily remedied.

I'm going to try the HTML export. Not too shabby; barebones, but that's how I'd want it. There doesn't appear to be a template file in the app bundle, but there are other ways around that. Creates an index.html page, and all interlinking is handled automatically. Fairly clean HTML. There's an Export to iPod menu command that's grayed out. Wonder if the iPod needs to be plugged in.

No import functions. And I'd lose vim integration, but that's only an issue if I were shifting notanda input over to this, which is not my immediate intention.

CamelCase works, though you can turn it off in preferences.

Nothing else much going on here. Just the basics of text formatting via Cocoa.

The .wiki file that is created is a SQLite formatted text file.

All in all, not anywhere near a replacement for VoodooPad yet (witness 'About NewApplication' and 'NewApplication Help' in the menus), but a start of something worth keeping an eye on -- or, since it's open source, the start of something to contribute to.


2005-11-05 07:51:06
Desktop wikis are a great idea I think but I've yet to see a good-enough implementation. For what I need MacJournal is still top-dog and I although somewhat a different beast than wikis it suits me just great.