WILFZ (What I Learned From Zope): Grok + ZPT + AJAX

by Noah Gift

I spent a little time this weekend writing a mashup portal using the Grok, Python web framework, for my personal domain. Grok is based on Zope 3. I used Zope Template Pages with the Google AJAX FEED API , to aggregate both my O'Reilly Feeds and my Personal Blog Feeds into Web 2.0 goodness. I also threw in a little bit of JQuery which interacted quite nicely with Grok. I attached a link to the site I developed at the bottom, if you are curious to see what the AJAX Feed API looks like. You will obviously see this blog posting, which is meta-cool, or meta-blog, or meta-something...

So what did I learn from Zope? Well, it was super easy to do AJAX with the default ZPT, or Zope Page Template engine. In fact, it was quick and fun, and one of the least painful experiences I have ever had writing a web application. This is not your grandpa's Zope, that is for sure. Things went so much more quickly and smoothly than I expected, that I had time to work onTurbogears, Django, and web.py projects as well.

I also like the Grok slogon, "Now even cavemen can use Zope 3". I am 6'2" 235, and once worked as a bouncer, in College, with the "Iceman". I kind of look like a caveman, and my wife often says I act like a cavemen too. Well, this caveman gets Grok, and gives it a clubs up! As a side note, I will be releasing a screencast sometime this week on using AJAX techniques with Grok.



Shannon -jj Behrens
2008-01-11 19:30:12
Good post.
2008-07-16 08:08:04
Did you put a kind of toturial somewhere so that newcomers (such as me) could have a look at what can be done?