Will any visionary carriers please step forward?

by Jim Van Meggelen

The more I think about it, the more frustrated I find it that our mobile, telecom, and data networks just can't seem to integrate with each other. On the one hand I understand that the incumbents don't want to upset the status quo, but is this really the best we can do?


2006-11-04 19:36:20
I agree the Cell phone world is far to closed

and wifi phones will start to take a big chunk of their revenues
before they come around at all saddly this is far far off

2006-11-05 23:50:48
Lots of these things will happen if anyone can make money with that. Features are nice, but if a company doesn't see the return (which I know is not that easy to quantify) they won't invest in new stuff until the old one is working. Until that point, all these new technologies are just toys...
2006-11-06 00:46:13
Where are you based?

All of the applications you describe are available here in the UK.

2006-11-06 07:39:55
yes, i agree with peter (commented above)
the main concern about new technologies for carriers is business - there is no need to implement something new until old stuff is working and people are buying old service
Carla Schroder
2006-11-09 09:57:43
pf, let's start by demolishing any notions that big companies are run by smart people who care about producing great products and having happy customers. Our everyday experiences shoot that down in a big ball of flames. Responsibility and authority are rarely linked in sensible ways, bureaucracy strangles the smart people with good ideas, and it all becomes a game of gaining personal advantage. Big business is little more than adult daycare.
Tim Panton
2006-11-25 12:47:48
Actually you can get _very_ close to this today, providing you are prepared to
use a laptop and softphone to talk and you use Asterisk as your 'corporate' PBX.

VoIP works pretty well over 3G, so you aren't dependent on wifi availability, I use my cellphone
as a bluetooth modem more often than as a phone.

The trick is to just use the carriers as IP providers.