Will Cisco buy Nokia? And, what does that mean to us?

by Todd Ogasawara

On Monday, Nokia share prices briefly surged (and then finished a reasonable 1% above Friday's close) based on the rumor that Cisco is planning to buy it. While several financial analysts consider it just a net rumor, what would a Cis-kia be like?

Linksys seems to have done pretty well since being acquired by Cisco a while back. So, this bodes well for a possible merger.
But, what if the purchase is more like the ill fated SUN purchase of Cobalt (remember those cool little Linux appliance boxes)?

If this is just a net-rumor, fine...
I'm more interested in the rumored Palm Treo 670 running Microsoft Windows Mobile instead of Palm OS :-)

Your thoughts on a possible Cis-kia?