Will the real David Chappell please stand up?

by David A. Chappell

I finally got to meet the "other" David Chappell last night at a trade show event I was at. I was in Santa Clara for the purpose of giving a presentation at XML Web Services One, and there was a Bay.NET user group meeting there last night that was hosted at the show. The other David http://www.davidchappell.com/
was there attending the meeting. Oddly enough, our paths have never crossed until last night even though we both do the industry public speaking circuit quite frequently. We do trade emails occassionally but never made a real effort to meet in person prior to last night's chance meeting. Surely this must be one of the most exciting industry events to happen in this decade.

We don't think that we're closely related - my family is mostly from Maine (from the "Tom's of Maine(R)" fame), and I think David said his family is from the midwest or something. If any of you recognize a family resemblence, let me know.

Its a small world, for sure. One of my co-authors, Richard Monson-Haefel, has been a friend of David for a few years now.

As an added bonus, Don Box (who has always been so amazed by this multi-Chappell phenomenon) decided to join in a photo with us. (Don is the guy in the XML T-Shirt). If you see a family resemblence there as well, then that's really scary ;-)

Ted Neward (who used to work with Don at Developmentor), took the photo and also blogged it at -

Don gave a great presentation at the meeting BTW. If you have never seen him present, you should make it a point to see him. The entertainment factor alone is worth the excursion. His presentation style is very colorful and energetic, and guaranteed to be informative as well.