Will We Finally See An Apple Phone?

by Bruce Stewart

I've been trying not to get too sucked into all of the latest hype about an Apple phone, I've been there before. But nothing can get the rumor vines really cranking like a highly-anticipated Steve Jobs Macworld keynote, and now on the eve of Steve's big show we've even got the Wall St. Journal reporting an imminent Apple/Cingular phone announcement.

Russell Shaw wonders if the new device will cannibalize iPod sales, which I think it could if it's good. As CNN Money rightly points out, if this new phone device is a real iPod, people will love it, but if it's not, well we've been there before too. I'm pretty sure Apple isn't going to throw another ROKR at us this time, so I'm betting that they get it right. I know I like the interface on my iPod far better than the interface on any cell phone I've ever owned, so I must confess that I'm secretly hoping all that hype does pan out and we see a new take on a portable music player and phone device tomorrow that has me reaching for my credit card.

So much for not getting sucked in.