Win Fx

by Jesse Liberty

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It would appear that Microsoft is investing a great deal in a new set of technologies under the rubric of WinFx. That said, for all the pages of information and support they are providiing, no where can I find a hype-free paper or set of papers that say "here are the new technologies, here's how they fit in with what you know, here is what is a replacement vs. an extension of existing technology."

Much less can I find a set of papers that gives the developer vision: if you want to create a Windows application you'll use these technologies; for Web, those.

Other unanswered questions: does .NET go away, or does it complement the new technology or morph into a new edition or is it used to build a different (older? obsolete?) UI?

It is my job to figure this out, but I can't say they are making it easy, and just to make matters worse, they have mixed together WinFx and Vista in ways that makes it very difficult to disentangle them.


Cenk Taylan Düz
2006-06-14 04:34:54
I think its the way of preparing the developers into their standards. Its not difficult to understand they are all bull-crab
2008-07-10 01:52:05
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