Windows Live!, as...?

by M. David Peterson

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[NOTE: This is a reprint from my personal blog that I thought would be fun to extend to the O'Reilly community. As I have already made apparent in disclaimers in several places in this post, this is all speculation and even more so, just for fun. Please treat it as such and don't read anything into it beyond this. Unless of course you know something I don't and that something is similar to what this suggests as a possibility. But such knowledge is not something I have. Thanks for keeping this in mind.]

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - 2006 Conference Plans

MIX: This is a Microsoft conference that will focus on our hip, Web-based offerings like IE7, Windows Media, Windows Live!, as well as "Atlas", Microsoft’s new AJAX framework.

I just checked again to make sure and as I suspected the Windows Live logo has no '!' at the end of it. While I'm not one who can really be pointing out grammatical errors and expect for anybody to pay me the least bit of attention, there's just something about putting a '!' before a ',' to then continue on for another 8 words before closing things off (again? ;) with a period.

Hmmmm... what could this mean?

--- Hypothetical Situation:

So here I am in sitting in a business meeting and my job is to come up with a way to "merge" the Windows Live and Yahoo! brand names. After much effort the only thing that I can come up with is 'Winhoo!' which I'm pretty sure BillG and SteveB ain't gone go for... 30 seconds after the press release hits the wire the first 'WinWho?' headlines would hit the wire right back.

"Lets see", I think to myself, "what makes Yahoo!, Yahoo! in the first place?" while pulling out a paper and pencil to write down a list of possibilities.

* Is is the yodeler dude they have to pay 6 billion dollars everytime they play that stupid ass yodel at the end of one of their commercials?

Actually, come to think of, I don't remember the last time I heard that yodel dude. Hmmm... So probably not. (note-to-self: remember to thank God for that one!)

"Well," as I rise from my knees after realizing "I'd better thank Him now just in case there's a chance He decides to punish me for not being grateful enough!"

* Is it the intensity of the word "Yahoo!" that causes a rush of adrenalin by those who see, read (not the same thing, by the way), or hear someone say the word Yahoo? Actually, do people actually say Yahoo when they get excited? And if anyone did, would people feel inspired or run the other direction in fear for their lives.

Other direction. Much fear. Not a good thing.

As I continue my thought process I realize "While not mandatory, what we need is something similar to blue skys and wisps of clouds that people see often enough and/or when they do see them feel happy and inspired, or at very least a jolt of happiness. But what else is there?

* "Wait"! <- Thats it

Welcome to Windows Live! What would you like to watch or listen to today?


"What the... ah hell no! Come here you little yodeladian #!*?!1 I promised to give up sex if I never had to hear that damn voi.. er wait, that would null and void the contract wouldn't it... :)

"Nevermind. Please, continue..."


[1] : This is a reprint of a entry I recently posted to my blog. While I doubt much anybody would have been to upset if I left the word that was there in place, to be safe, I chose to replace it with something more tame. I'm sure you can figure out what was there and if your really that curious the original post is linked above.

Again, this was all meant in fun... please do not view any of this as anything other than plain and simple fun with wor..., err... I mean punctuation. Please enjoy your day and don't take any of this seriously.