Windows Mobile Weekly Roundup

by Todd Ogasawara

Couple of non-Windows Mobile news items are in this round-up of mobile news summary items from the blog on my personal site.

Blackberry Pearl's Trackball
I'm not a Blackberry user. So, I was quickly reading through MSNBC's Gary Krakow's review of the new Blackberry Pearl from T-Mobile until I hit this sentence in his review: Aside from its size, Pearl's best new feature is its revolutionary pointing device -- a tiny, full-function trackball. A trackball makes so much sense. Every smartphone needs one for navigation. And, every phone peripheral maker should add one to their Bluetooth or Infrared wireless keyboard.

Windows Mobile 2003 Support Lifecycle
Microsoft's Jason Langridge has a brief blog item about the support life cycle for Windows Mobile 2003 devices(Windows Mobile Support Lifecycle). He says that official mainstream support for Windows Mobile 2003 ends in mid-2009. Of course, as Jason points out in his blog, everything really depends on the hardware manufacturer. Case in point: HP released the [...]

Sprint Treo 700wx Pocket PC Phone Edition
Palm's announcement for the Windows Mobile 5 based Treo 700wx Pocket PC Phone Edition for use on the Sprint PCS network includes a couple of interesting offers such as a free 1GB memory card, free shipping, and a $125 trade-in for Treo 650 owners. The Treo 700wx sells for $499.

Nintendo DS MP3 Player
Gizmodo reports on the sighting of a Nintendo DS MP3 player option that will be in available in Europe soon (The Mysterious Nintendo DS MP3 Player). MP3 audio files are stored on a SD card (up to 2GB). Using Apple's estimate of 1,000 songs on their 4GB iPod nano, the Nintendo DS option could store up [...]