Windows Mobile Weekly Roundup

by Todd Ogasawara

Here's the weekly summary of mostly Windows Mobile related items from my personal blog...

Zune... Hmm...
Zune photo courtesy of Microsoft
Microsoft announced (but did not release) their Zune audio/video device that will compete with the Apple iPod in the portable multimedia space. I had written it off as an also-ran prior to seeing Apple's lackluster iPod refresh announcements on Sept. 12. Now, I'm wondering if Zune might have a chance a device generation or two from now. Zune's larger screen (3 inches) and WiFi sharing feature certainly makes it interesting to me. On the other hand, why is one of the three colors brown? Brown? And, doesn't it really look like a 1950s speaker with the grill removed? Very retro.

You can find more information at Microsoft's Zune Virtual Pressroom. And Zune Thoughts' Jason Dunn took stock Zune video clips and provided a very informative voiceover narrative for those of you interested in seeing Zune in action: Zune Video Overview: See Zune in Action.

Virtual Earth Mobile Updated to Work with Revised Virtual Earth
Jason Fuller noted that a change in Microsoft Virtual Earth (the engine that powers had a change that broke the find business feature in Virtual Earth Mobile for Windows Mobile devices. Version 1.67 fixes this problem. You can download the CAB installer directly from his blog entry at: Virtual Mobile Earth 1.67

TravelPost's (US) Airport Wireless Internet Access Guide has a useful web reference page list WiFi access information for 150 aiports in the US. You can find it linked below.
Airport Wireless Internet Access Guide

Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Ed. Users Get Exchange Server Push from DataViz

Windows Mobile 5 device (Pocket PC/Smartphone) users can get Exchange Server email pushed to them if their firmware includes the Messaging Security and Feature Pack (MSFP). But, if you use a previous generation Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Pocket PC Phone Edition, you are not left in the cold anymore. DataViz' RoadSync for Windows Mobile [...]


2006-09-18 07:32:57
I have read that Zune's screen is larger, but the resolution is exactly the same. A mixed blessing, I suppose.