Windows Mobile Weekly Roundup

by Todd Ogasawara

Here's the weekly summary of mostly Windows Mobile related items from my personal blog

PlanMaker screenshot from
PlanMaker 2006 for Pocket PC Beta
SoftMaker has a public beta of its PlanMaker spreadsheet for Windows Mobile based Pocket PCs available at its website.SoftMaker PlanMaker 2006 for Pocket PC Beta

The updated Excel Mobile in Windows Mobile 5 has a number of enhancements over previous versions including simple graphs. However, if you need even more functions and feature than Excel Mobile provides, you might want to take a look at PlanMaker 2006 in its Beta release form. .

Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 Beta 2 BUT You Might Not Want to Install It
Microsoft made its...

ActiveSync 4.5 Beta 2

...for Windows Mobiled devices available as a public download. However, you may want to think twice about installing it if you are using an older Windows Mobile device (pre-Windows Mobile 5). Some features are lost if you upgrade from ActiveSync 3.8.

  • LAN/WiFi synchronization is disabled
  • Access database conversion is lost
  • Support for Microsoft Outlook 2000 is lost
  • Support for devices prior to Pocket PC/Smartphone 2002 is gone

Syncing Outlook, Google Calendar/Mail, iPod, & Phone
An anonymous blogger posted his/her(?) solution to sync a multitude of software, services, and devices that don't normally speak to each other (e.g., Outlook and iPod) in a post titled:

The Holy Grail of Synchronization: How to synchronize Microsoft Outlook (multiple locations), Google Calendar, Gmail, iPod, and mobile phone with Funambol / ScheduleWorld

Ilium InScribe: Free Text-Entry Software for UMPC
Ilium Software released a free application for Microsoft UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computers) devices. Ilium Software InScribe is a text entry utility that works with the UMPC's virtual on-screen keyboard to quickly enter text. I don't know anyone who owns a UMPC. But, if you do, head to Ilium's website to download their free offering.

You can learn more about the UMPC at Intel and Microsoft's sites for it found at:


Microsoft Ultra Mobile PC

Avocent SonicAdmin QR and SonicAdmin Pro: Manage Windows Servers from a PDA
Avocent, probably best known for their KVMs announced two products that allows managing a Windows Server remotely from a Blackberry or Windows Mobile based device.
Avocent Corporation Unveils New Products to Enable Management of Servers from Smartphones

Using SonicAdmin QR software, system administrators can access any server allowed by their Active Directory profile to view server statistics, shutdown and reboot servers, view event logs, view and manage processes, manage Active Directory user accounts, and run Quick Commands such as ping, ipconfig and traceroute.

SonicAdmin Pro software offers additional functionality, adding Windows services management, file explorer, file search, file and folder properties, file editor and a Command line interface. The Exchange Server management extensions include viewing queue properties as well as freeze and unfreeze queues and force connection commands. Active Directory management adds user group management and mailbox properties


Guy Williams
2006-10-03 08:30:41
I just bought a Treo 700wx from Sprint. I cannot get ActiveSync to recognize the phone (when the phone is connected via USB cable).

The error says "Active Sync cannot connect to the Windows Mobile powered device. To troubleshoot the problem, click ok."

I spent about 8 hours yesterday along with many (10+) calls to Sprint to get the phone working with the Activesync software that came standard with it. I went through levels 1,2 and 3 of Sprint support. I was connected this morning to Sprint's special "TREO Activesync" department. No one could get the software running so that I could sync with the Treo 700wx.

At this point, I am at a total loss regarding what to do. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Guy Williams

Todd Ogasawara
2006-10-03 10:47:34
Guy: I posted a detailed response to your ActiveSync question with a bunch of (hopefully) helpful troubleshooting links on my personal blog site:
2006-10-26 00:47:08
Chikyu Google Earth placemark generator is software for the purpose of generating place (KML) files for Google Earth. It requires a GPS receiver compatible with your Pocket PC, most commonly in the form of a CF-Card type GPS receiver. I like it very much cause i can make routes and other cool things with it.
Chikyu Google Earth placemark generator
2006-10-26 10:53:48
I have been using a Qtek 9000 (windows mobile 5) since April/06 and I just love it. One week ago, I purchased PC Tools Pocket Mechanic, which has a feature to locate duplicated files in order to clean up and optimize memory. I used this feature and now my Pocket MSN is not working,- Can not connect to messenger or send/receive mails- I am afraid I deleted more files that I should even if I just deleted the duplicated ones. I did try to reinstall Pocket MSN from Internet, but I got a message saying that I needed to uninstall it first, however I do not have the possibility to uninstalled, since it is a seeded program (the unit came with it).

There is a possibility to do hard reset of the unit; loosing all the applications I have installed after I purchased, (I could reinstall them with Active Sync). The hard reset is suppose to bring back the unit to the original manufacturer's configuration, but I am afraid that if I deleted the wrong files from the unit, even the hard reset can fail to fix the problem with Pocket MSN and I will be just loosing my time.
I did contact my carrier phone company were I bought the unit, after many hours spent with them I believe they do not seem to get a solution. I have also spent hours trying to do research on internet about this problem and could not find any information related to my problem.
Hope you could help me, you are my last resource.

Many thanks in advance for your help

Yolanda de Saint Giles

bob leonard
2007-01-10 14:25:35
Hello, Todd: I am purchasing a new cel phone to switch over from my pdma to gsm. I had talked to someone a while back about technology that would enable looking up every call you ever made on the cel and have the ability to cross reference calls and dates. Is there technology to look up dates and get the numbers called, etc.? Is there a name for this program or software? I am looking at gettng a Cingular 3125 phone.

Thanks! Bob

Todd Ogasawara
2007-01-11 01:08:26
Bob: Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PC Phone Editions have a simple but useful call history list. It provides the name (if in the contacts list), phone number, call duration, date, and time for each call. It is not, however, a full CRM. I don't know of one but that doesn't mean one isn't available.
2007-06-06 01:22:52
Where can we have Planmaker Beta version?
Todd Ogasawara
2007-06-06 01:31:32
T: Take a look at the blog date. This blog was posted on Sept. 25, 2006. You are posting on June 6, 2007. The beta is over. Not every beta takes as long as Vista :-)