Windows Mobile Weekly Roundup

by Todd Ogasawara

American Power Conversion (APC) Mobile Power Pack

I've been using the APC UPB10 Mobile Power Pack for three months. It costs around $60 (I bought mine from a local big box store) and can recharge most devices that can be charged from a USB source. The Mobile Power Pack comes with USB cable to recharge itself from either a PC's USB port or an A/C outlet. However, I had to supply the cables to charge my devices (not a problem). The Mobile Power Pack has a standard sized USB plug at its top. I tested it with a T-Mobile SDA (Windows Mobile Smartphone), i-Mate K-JAM (Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone Edition), and a 5th generation iPod (video). In fact, I recharged all three using the Mobile Power Pack without needing to recharge the Pack itself. The LCD display stripe you see lit up in the photo tells you what the Pack's charge level is. A fully lit line indicates a fully charged pack.

The unit is small, thin, and light making it perfect for travel. I only wish its own A/C adapter transformer were smaller and had a folding plug. Other than that, this product gets a mobile thumbs up from me.

MobileViews Excel Mobile Quick FAQs
One of the more popular Quick FAQs pages on the old site was the one for Pocket Excel/Excel Mobile. I went back into my archives to start bringing back the MobileViews Quick FAQs section. You can find a list of Excel functions and other useful information about Pocket Excel (Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition and older) and Excel Mobile (Windows Mobile 5 and newer) linked below as well as in the sidebar:
Excel Mobile Quick FAQs

Let me know if you find these Quick FAQs useful.

MobileViews ActiveSync QuickFAQ
I revived another MobileViews QuickFAQ this evening. This time it is...

MobileViews ActiveSync QuickFAQ

Its first paragraph says it all: I hate ActiveSync problems. I bet you do too. This QuickFAQs page is here to help you with your ActiveSync problems so I don't have to hear about them. &B-) FYI: Windows Vista Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) information coming soon...

T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade
I'm thinking about buying a T-Mobile Dash to replace my current SDA Smartphone (I really don't like that Standard Edition name :-) . So, I thought I would jot down where the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade is found in a place I could find it quickly: Here :-)

T-Mobile Windows Mobile Upgrade Page

Note that the upgrade for the T-Mobile MDA (Pocket PC Phone Edition) on the same page is not for Windows Mobile 6. That is a feature pack upgrade for Windows Mobile 5 on the MDA.

T-Mobile Dash (Smartphone) with Windows Mobile 6

I have a short term project (more on this after it is completed sometime in July) that requires a Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone (Standard Edition). So, I walked over to the local T-Mobile store during lunch and bought the last remaining Dash in the store. In fact, at first the person handling my potential purchase said they were all out. Fortunately, another sales person heard our conversation and found an Dash box for me to purchase.

If you want to read about what the upgrade process from Windows Mobile 5 to 6 is like, I suggest heading over to my old friend Frank McPherson's site ( and reading his blog entry titled:

Upgrading to Windows Mobile 6

He used a Windows Vista PC for his upgrade while I used a Windows XP PC. However, I am very glad I read his blog entry before attempting my own upgrade. He has some very useful information about the quirks of the upgrade process.

First comment about the Dash with Windows Mobile 6: Wow! Having been totally unimpressed with Windows Mobile 6 Beta running on a Pocket PC last year, I am 180 degrees in the other opinion direction on the combo of the Dash and WM6. Having moved from a T-Mobile SDA WM5 Smartphone that I've used for a little over a year (and being reasonably satisfied with it), the experience of having a nice usable QWERTY thumb keyboard with the WM6 apps is just great. Setting up email was a breeze with a QWERTY keyboard to enter email addresses, mail server names, and other textual oddities that are a pain on a DTMF-layout numeric keypad.

More on the Dash with Windows Mobile 6 over the next few days. Stay tuned...

Control Windows Media Center using a Windows Mobile 5 Device
Microsoft's Coding4Fun site has an interesting coding project item titled...

Control Windows Media Center using a Windows Mobile 5 Device

It has examples using both Visual Basic.NET as well as Visual C# to remote control a Windows Media Center PC.

Windows Mobile 6 Office Mobile for Smartphone (Standard Edition)

Shortly after Windows Mobile 6 was announced I was under the impression that Office Mobile components for the Smartphone (AKA, Standard Edition) were document readers (read-only). It turns out that I was wrong. But, there are a couple of interesting quirks to deal with.

First, as far as I can tell, there isn't any way to create a new document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on the Smartphone itself. You can, however, edit a document brought over from a PC.

Second, as you may have read on the news-oriented mobile tech websites, you cannot work with files in the various Office 2007 formats (the ones that end in X like DOCX, XLSX, PPTX). You can, however, save files from Office 2007 to what Microsoft calls the 97-2003 file format that should be able to be used on by Office Mobile in Windows Mobile 6. And, the latest version of Dataviz's Documents to Go features the ability to work with Office 2007 file formats (I haven't tried this myself to verify this).